Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poll result: Frequent flyer miles: are these harmful to the planet?

33% each voted:
- 'Yes. But I try to cut down on unnecessary flights';
- 'Yes. But I can’t do anything about my flights. It’s a necessary evil';
- 'No. My aim is to reach the Silver/Gold tier'.

Only a ripple.. perhaps it will travel far

The photo in the daily shows an aged bronzed man, clad in a white tunic and pale dhoti, with a white turban on his head and Hawaiian sandals on his feet. He looks like a stereotypical north Indian farmer, but he is dragging along a tricycle upon which is a cart full of plant saplings. Indeed, Piraj Singh is a 63-year old farmer from Akkoda, Madhya Pradesh. But this farmer is on a solitary nation-wide mission to do his bit for the planet by spreading environmental awareness. His main aim is to encourage the listeners to plant trees, especially the indigenous and medicinal neem and banyan. This afforestation would, in turn, improve the air quality, invest a cooling effect, and provide habitat for fauna. His mission has had mixed success: some pay heed to his words; others don’t. Singh is currently in Kerala, travelling 20-60 kms per day, mostly cycling but sometimes pulling the cycle along. He will return to his village after completing the final leg through the states of Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra.

Photo: clix