About Our Gossamer Planet

This blog has been created to convey thoughts and insights on our only delicate and fragile planet. It aims at exploring issues (local, national, and international) which fall under the broad scope of nature and the environment, including biodiversity, climate change, deforestation and forest degradation, air and water pollution, environmental toxicology, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, sustainable living, and environmental ethics.

Since its inception in October 2009, Our Gossamer Planet’s posts have centered around musings on nature, natural resources, water (availability and quality), weather patterns and climate change, monsoons, biodiversity, deforestation, tigers, pygmy elephants, mistletoe, unsustainable development, and plastics, including recommending various policies. Furthermore, Vetiver, megaflood canyon formation, deforestation, global forest cover loss, and the effect of plastics on marine fauna have been presented via reviews and/or scientific communication.

In the coming months, Our Gossamer Planet will feature more reviews of relevant papers, commentaries, links to relevant news items or blog posts elsewhere, and observations on recent news, apart from exploring various issues in detail.

If you would like to subscribe to Our Gossamer Planet’s posts, please send an e-mail to sarstephen @gmail.com (remember to remove the gap before ‘@’).