Friday, October 2, 2009


According to the indigenous calendar, ‘Kollavarsham’, the product of centuries-old of climatic observations, this is the ‘Kanni’ month characterised by sultry temperatures, so high that the ‘sea would evaporate’ (“kadal vattum”). Paradoxically, the southern states are currently being buffeted by a persistent low pressure, resulting in torrential rains, devastating floods, and high velocity winds resulting in loss of life and property. Thus, this seems to be a fitting time to introduce my new blog on all matters pertaining to the environment. I shall be scribbling my various thoughts, straight from the heart, and would appreciate your views as well.

And apparently, I must include a legal disclaimer somewhere on my blog. So, hear, hear!

This blog is published by and reflects the personal views of Sarah Stephen, in her individual capacity as a concerned citizen of this planet. The term 'Our Gossamer Planet', as well as every opinion, comment, and statement expressed in this blog are the exclusive property of Sarah Stephen (© 2009 - present), unless explicitly stated otherwise, and should not be disseminated without the written consent of the author. The views expressed in this blog are not necessarily representative of the views of any school, college, University, city, town, state, country, or church where Sarah Stephen has studied, worked, worshipped, or lived, and is not sponsored or endorsed by them. The reader(s) is reading the posts and arriving at conclusions about the author, or otherwise, at his/her own risk. Occasionally, the blog might contain subjects which may be considered offensive, and the author refuses to accept any liability for any psychological, physical and emotional reactions, short-term or long-term, which the posts might generate in the reader. The author reserves the right to update, edit, delete or otherwise remove, the posts or any comments, the latter of which might be deemed offensive or spam. The author also reserves the right to publish in print media, in whole or part, any of the posts which might be an edited version. If the reader has a problem with any post, the author expects them to contact her, explaining the reasons for their discomfort.

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  1. Sarah, Well done on your efforts. Our planet is fragile. We must do all that it takes to protect it for us and our future generations.


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