Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gossamer Webs 1.1

This is a new series of Our Gossamer Planet posts which will predominantly comprise of links to news articles, posts, and websites which fall under the wide scope of this blog. The chances are that it would be an eclectic mix, but obviously those which will excite your grey cells or make you ponder!

Cats and Toxoplasma gondii

Wiper fuilds and Legionnaire's Disease??? Read on....!

A literal case of butterflies in the tummy. Or is it insects?
Perhaps it is nothing to be squeamish about... after all, some of us do eat prawns (Phylum: Arthropoda; Subphylum: Crustacea)

Erosion- how a canyon was carved in three days!

If you want to listen to the Sun's melody...

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